February 11, 2021 2 min read

A new year brings new beginnings, & new goals to accomplish!
What I love most about fashion at the first of a new year is getting back to basics! It’s easy to accumulate throughout an entire year, which makes for a cluttered closet and holding onto to styles which no longer fit, or has lost its life wear. In the morning maybe finding yourself thinking, “what in the heck am I supposed to wear today? “
In this new month when it’s goal setting, and starting out fresh, I believe in styling back to core basics. Investing in those essential staple items to last this entire year to come. Some of you may be thinking.... what are closet staples? These are styles such as everyday go-to tees, layering tanks, a good pair of denim (that fits), a blazer or casual jacket. Styles that can create multiple outfits, mix and match with.
Of course each persons style is different and should be! But everyone deserves key pieces which only compliments ones personality and body. I don’t mean go invest in a whole new wardrobe and max out the credit card. Some of these items you may already own, or maybe it’s time to update that Z Supply tee and replace with a new one. My current favorite casual staples are the Flying Monkey High Rise Scar denim paired with a Z Supply simple pocket tank, Stole The Show Blazer (in black), matched with my Sorel suede wedges. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll accessorize with a little Erimish and JaxKelly earring, but what I love about these core items in my closet is.... they pair with so many outfits!
Many view fashion differently, I view it as a necessity to self expression. Clothing is also a confidence booster and every woman, no matter shape,size, or profession, deserves to look flawless. So if there’s anything to take away from this of me rambling on, its invest in yourself this year girl, you deserve it!